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Embrace Your Channel!

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Focus on your purpose and tune into your own channel!

Never have I ever wanted to be seen or accepted by so many people in my life but only experienced rejection. It’s almost as if I had the letters written on my forehead, I HAVE AN INFECTIOUS DISEASE! Here’s an example of how my mind works when I am seeking this kind of acceptance; at work, my desk is positioned in the last cubicle of my row so when I am greeted by certain people I tend to get the leftover energy from all the other greetings prior to me. I think to myself; what’s that all about! In so many areas of my life I have found myself in situations where I am miserable, trying to fit into a mold that doesn’t fit me. This often backfires leading to frustration making me seem unstable and unapproachable. I often find myself asking, ‘What did I do? What am I not doing? What do I have to do to be accepted?” Something like that happened to me recently and I heard The Holy Spirit say, “You have your own channel that I gave you for the appointed people to tune into to get what they need from ME through YOU. Embrace the TV Programs that are on your TV Station, market those pilots,

record and film those series, set them to air, and I will do the rest.”

• Embrace the result of isolation caused by rejection • Let God filter/screen your thoughts • Pray for the people in your current circle • Pray for the people that need to be in circle for your next move • Fight back with the Power of the Holy Spirit against your emotions because that is what will be trying to dominate your peace and joy. • Pray for strength as you head into this liberating process. For me, the biggest challenge in moments like these is looking past the people-pleaser handicap that I possess. I understand now that when trying to be a people-pleaser you compromise your originality, people grow frustrated with your inconsistencies wanting less to do with you because your attempts are centered on adjusting to them than just being yourself, or you will be tossed away when you have been used up.

Mindset Shift: ABC can’t be MTV. NBC can’t be BET. When you tune into ABC, you’re not looking for TV Shows on BET, NBC, or MTV right? When people discover your channel, they are not looking for reruns of The Wayne’s Brothers on Thursday night at prime time. Especially when they know it’s coming on MTV-2 after Martin most nights. Shows like Martin, The Jamie Foxx Show, The Wayne’s Brothers, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and My Wife and Kids did what they were supposed to do; they were themselves and did that so well that people were perfectly fine with watching them over and over again multiple years after the series ended.

Self-Reflection Are the shows you’re airing conducive to the wellbeing of the viewers or is it just for fame and fortune? What TV shows need to be cancelled? What is in demand right now? THE GOD PERSPECTIVE It’s befitting to merge this mental approach with this sermon I found, The Mindset of a Servant from Dr. Tony Evans. In this sermon he discussed in a very prominent way how followers of Christ are educated to think like the greatest servant who ever did it, Jesus Christ Himself. In Philippians 2:1-11 Tony reveals 4 core principles. I would like to focus on the last two that supports the self-reflection portion. Are the shows you’re airing conducive to the wellbeing of the viewers or is it just for fame and fortune? What TV shows need to be cancelled? What is in demand right now?

• The 3rd principle states Servants think in terms of their new position in Christ. Jesus was all God and all man. Everything He did on this earth from birth to the cross was driven by God’s purpose for his life. Jesus could have easily leaned on the God-side to change every single situation He encountered on the Man-side. Jesus could have also healed every single person that requested healing, answered every single question that was asked unto Him, and destroyed every demon that the devil sent. But Jesus stayed connected to God through the ways of Abiding (that we possess as well) and willingly chose to serve God through only doing as He was told over what could have done. If you had the power that Jesus had, would you take advantage of the God- side and just dominate every Man-side-issue you faced? Would you have conformed to the Devil when he tempted Jesus before the cross to just derail everything because you had all the power to do so? Or would consult the Creator that granted you your power, conform to his words and ways, and use that power for the good of Him, His people, and yourself? You as an individual possess are your own TV station. As a TV station when people are viewing your TV shows the power you possess is proven in the alternate name used for TV shows- Television Programming. You’re not just viewing; you are being programmed based upon the content provided to you. So I ask again, when people are captivated by your Television Programming (your words, presence, and actions) ...what are you downloading into their system?

• The 4th principle states Servants think in terms of true greatness. Jesus’ television programming was not swayed by popularity. The TV Shows that became in-demand only became that way because of His obedience and commitment to pleasing God. Since Jesus was only in it to please God, He obtain the ultimate reward not just on earth but in heaven (see link for supportive scriptures). Yes, Jesus did service the best, but God gave us grace, mercy and the Sanctification through Holy Spirit due to salvation. With this triple threat we are granted the opportunity to sift and filter through all the TV Programming that needs to be cancelled because it is not benefitting our viewers.

Know you power. Use it wisely.


Tune in... Be Challenged...Be Blessed.

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